Showcasing a selection of films I have worked on primarily as Camera and Editor. Edited by myself using Adobe Premiere CS5.
Song: M83 – Midnight City

Films Featured:
There Is No Reset Button (2010) College. Won the Road Safety Wales Regional and National stages
Writer, Director, Editor

Fluidity (2011) Uni
Co-Writer, Co-Director, Camera 2, Editor

Malediction, Mono Miracle (2012) British Youth Film Association Summer Camp
Cinematographer, Camera

Logan’s Run Adaptation (2011) College

Precious Things Music Video (2011) College
Writer, Director, Camera, Lighting, Editor

Moulin Rouge Adaptation (2010) College
Pre-Production, Camera

Tears In Rain (2010) College
Actor, Editor

South Africa Montage (2010-2011) College
Camera, Editor

Be i-Smart (2011) College. Won a Wales-wide Student Award through FE Library Community in Wales.
Actor, Graphics, Camera

Films not properly featured:
Out of the Collar (2012) Uni
Writer, Co-Director, Camera 2, Co-Editor

Rapid Films Sell Yourself Competition Winner (2011) Uni
Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Howl Music Video (2010) College
Writer, Camera

Dirty Pictures (2010) College
Graphics, Editor

Technoholic Video Installation (2011) College
Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Mock the Buzzcocks Multicamera show (2010) College
Director, Co-Writer (have also been on Camera and Vision Mixer)