First part of the video installation. Played on an iMac, the second part (nature) was projected onto a screen decorated to look like a window above the desk. Earned a Distinction.

Music video for our BTEC National Diploma in Media course at Yale College.

Shot on the Canon XL1.

Actors: Ellie Tweedale and Genna Loskutnikov from Performing Arts

Emily Roberts – Writer, Director, Editor, Camera, Lighting
Georgie Robertshaw – Co-Director, Camera, Co-Editor, Lighting
Zach Atherton – Lighting, Camera, Co-Editor
James Timms – Lighting

Special thanks to Karen Bird, Ed Evers-Swindell and Andy Whitfield.

WINNER in the 19-25 category for Best Documentary at the ZOOM International Film Festival (BAFTA approved) March 27th 2015
Official selection at AUBG Film festival
Shortlisted at the AMIRANI Student Film Festival 2014 in Georgia
Shortlist for best documentary at Freshly Squeezed International Film Festival 2013
Shortlist for best new talent award at Freshly Squeezed International Film Festival 2013
Nominated for best documentary at Fuse Film Festival 2013
Nominated for best direction at Thurrock International Film Festival 2013
Nominated for best documentary at Thurrock International Film Festival 2013

Other screenings:
Glastonbury Film Festival 2015
Filmed up, Cornerhouse, Manchester
Kino Shorts, Manchester
Gloustershire Film Showcase

A Documentary about love and happiness. The film follows a couple and their everyday life together. Filmed below the waistline along with the sound of their poems is an experimental way to see if the audience can understand characters without seeing their faces…

Director: Natasha Hawthornthwaite
Co-Director: Emily Roberts
Camera & Sound: Emily Roberts, Natasha Hawthornthwaite
Editor: Emily Roberts

Kevin McNally (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean)
“Delightful and imaginatively shot”

Mick Jackson (Director of L.A. Story, Volcano and The Bodyguard)
“Natasha Hawthornwaite’s touching film is commendably brave and honest and quite unafraid of seeming sentimental – for which I would applaud it. It’s a really neat idea to hear the affirmations of love spoken over shots of everyday house-keeping activities As we listen to the couple’s voices, we come to know them and appreciate their relationship, even though we don’t see their faces until the last minute.”

Sally Lisk-Lewis (BBC Developer)
“What a delightful film. Made me feel strangely proud – and grateful for the happiness that exist between two people. It’s not easy to show that kind of contentment on screen but you did it in a very charming, heartful way, beautifully observed.”

Christopher Morris (Lecturer at Newport Film School & BBC Producer & Director)
“This was a perfect short film that did not outstay it’s welcome – it delivered a simple idea and was flooded with warmth, humour and love.”